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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We just returned from Hawaiian "garden" island of Kauai. Wow, what a fantastic place - definitely a photographer's dream! This was likely to be our last family vacation for awhile, as our oldest son, Daniel, joined the Marines and ships off to boot camp April 14th. We had a great time going to the beach, kayaking, going to the beach, hiking, more beach, attending a luau, and we went to the beach... a couple of times... :-) Before I get back to work, I have to show off some images from this island paradise!

First up, my two studly kids; Dylan (13) on the left and Daniel (20) on the right. This was taken at the "secret falls" which is a two mile kayak paddle and one mile hike to get to. Totally worth it, but the water was cold!

The nice thing about going to Hawaii is that since it is 4 hours difference from Denver, you're up to view the sunrise, even if you're not exactly a morning person (me me me...).

So gosh, here I am, wide awake at 6am, watching a wonderful sunrise unfold before my eyes thinking, gee this would make a great pictu... bing bing bing!!! Check out some of my favorite images from our trip in a slide show here.