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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks for the love!

I never ask for testimonials. I figure if I've done a good job, I'll hear about it. Besides, the best testimonial is the one that was simply written from the heart to express thanks. Well, last week I sent out Dani & Doug's album from their wedding we shot at The Dove House last year - and today I received this email:

"We received the package last night. STEVE! It's so great! I was so surprised to see it so soon! And, Doug's parents happened to be with us this week so we got to share it with them. It's so much bigger (and unique) than we expected! You were so right- it's just really cool. The calendar was also a special surprise! How beautiful! So yes, we received everything and you, as usual, superceded our expectations. Anyway, wow. If we can write some kind of recommendation for you, let us know. We have been so continuously impressed with your work from start to finish. You have to know how highly we think of you... We'll chat soon... Thanks for the wonderful surprise!

To view the entire design, click here.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Suzanne & Blue - Wedding!

Hey, remember these guys from their engagement photos a few months back? Well now they're married and I had the good fortune to be a part of it all. For the third time in as many weddings, I was joined by my bestest friend and awesome shooter Randy Cupps. Randy is quite simply a great photographer and wonderful asset to my success!
Suzanne and Blue were married at the Lakewood Country Club; what a beautiful venue for a wedding!
The wedding was planned and coordinated by Jessica Adler of JA Special Events. Jessica is a treat to work with and did an awesome job of making sure everything ran smoothly.
The flower arrangements and bouquets were provided by Sweet-Pea Flowers. Wow, there is nothing quite like fresh floral arrangements to bring out the beauty of a wedding!

Blue is a Navy Special Ops guy - they make movies about guys like him... Anyway, check out the groomsmen gifts! Arrrrggg!

Here's one of Randy's shots of the bridesmaids getting ready for the ceremony. Very cool indeed!

You can talk all you want about "capturing the moment" or "photo journalism", and as much of that style as we shoot these days, there is nothing quite like the classic beauty of a well made bridal portrait.

Hmmm, wonder where the idea for the shoes came from??

Friday, October 03, 2008

Erin & Kyle in Estes Park!

Wow, there is nothing better than photographing a beautiful wedding in a beautiful location! It's always a bit dicey when planning an outdoor wedding in late September in the Colorado mountains, but when it works - it really works!

Erin and Kyle's wedding was anything but conventional. From the "bridal boots" to the "ceremony shades", this wedding is one for the books! Check it out!

I don't care who you are - that's just hot!

Bloopers! "Ok guys, looking right here, give her a sqeeze, cheek to cheek and give me a nice smile... perfect... and... DOH!"
Disclaimer: No brides or grooms were injured in the making of this photo...