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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Emily & Luke

Last Thursday I met Emily and Luke downtown to shoot their engagement session and we had a blast. Usually I shoot these sessions on my own, but on this occasion, I was assisted by Katlyn Buser. Katlyn is a senior at ThunderRidge High School and has asked me to mentor her for her senior project which is a requirement for graduation. For her senior project, Katlyn chose to shadow a professional photographer and learn to be a better photographer herself. The project concludes with a presentation before a panel of judges at the high school, where Katlyn plans to present a portfolio of images showing her progress. Our first outing together was to photograph Emily and Luke's engagement session. Thanks to Katlyn's help with lighting, we were able to capture some super cool shots! Although Katlyn did not do any shooting this go around, I can tell she is eager to get started building her portfolio!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first cover!

Check it out, my first cover image! I rarely submit images for magazine publications so when the call came for the Colorado Wedding Guide, I just happened to be working on a wedding with some cool shots I thought might work, so I sent them over. Next thing I know, I get the call that one of the images was selected for the cover of the Winter/Spring 2009 Issue.

The Colorado Wedding Guide is an awesome resource for all your wedding planning needs and can be picked up for free at most wedding retailers, i.e. jewelers, dress and tux shops, etc.

This image is from Melanie and David's wedding October 7th of 2007. The event was coordinated by Jessica Adler of JA Special Events and was held at the Phipps Tennis Pavilion. To view Melanie and David's wedding album - CLICK HERE.