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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sonya & Kelly

I'm still going through the images from Sonya & Kelly's wedding from last Sunday. I was assisted by my good friend and excellent shooter, Larry Winter. On this day, we both captured some great images. Every wedding we look to create something a little different; be it location, environment, lighting, or all three. Here are just a few!

On the way to the reception. Larry was driving and pulled along side so I could hang out the window to get this shot. Let's see... 60mph @ 5 degrees = wind chill of... yikes! And on top of it, now Larry wants stunt driver pay!

This is the 16th street mall in downtown Denver. Man it was cold, but as you can see by Sonya's sleeveless dress, I have nothing to complain about!

Finally - the warmth of the hotel. Larry and I collaborated to come up with this shot. I've seen too may cliche' escalator shots, but I think this one works.

OK, I know what you're thinking - but I did NOT tell this guy to drop trou... Sometimes things just happen! :-)

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