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Friday, October 30, 2009

Amanda & Jon!

Meet Amanda and Jon; married at the Chapel at Red Rocks. This venue is really nice because before and after the ceremony we can run around in Red Rocks Park and capture all kinds of cool shots. Beautiful couple, awesome location, great light - no complaints here!

I was joined for the day by photographer Krista Cooley of Cooley Photography. Krista is a great photographer with a very unique and gifted eye for composition and control of light. See the end of this post for more of what I'm talking about... :-)

Photo above by Krista

This is not the most flattering photo of Krista, but I think you will understand why I shot it considering the fact that while I was making the photo above, Krista was making the photo below - wow!


Dave said...

Are you doing this TTL with the new Pocket Wizards?


Steve said...

Hi Dave, these are all shot TTL off camera flash using the Radio Popper PX system. Love the Poppers!