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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Meg & Andy

Recently I had the rare pleasure of shooting 2nd for another photographer - Grant Oaks. Grant and I traded off this year; he shot with me on Liza and Alan's wedding (see album post below) and I shot for him for Meg and Andy. I must say, not only is it a lot of fun shooting for someone else; it is challenging, rewarding, and a unique learning experience. I'm all about perspective and relevance in whatever I do. From the images I make to the approach I take, it is important that the resulting imagery is meaningful to me, my clients, and even the casual observer. Here are some of my favorite images from Meg and Andy's wedding. Keep in mind, I hardly spoke to them all day and provided very minimal direction to achieve any of these images. Yes, Grant provided lots of direction, but I tried to stay out of the way and make images that compliment the body of work. Be sure to click the images for a full screen view. To view a slideshow of these images and more, click here.

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