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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Albums - the real thing!

I have been completing a bunch of albums over the Winter and it occurred to me that rather than just post the design, I should show a few shots of the actual albums as they are displayed on my coffee table. These albums are very nice quality and are the very same albums I offer in my basic package. Unlike some photographers who may offer an inexpensive press printed book as their "starter" album, we start at the top and stay there. Here are a few shots of my latest samples. These books both measure 10x13"; one is oriented horizontal and the other is vertical. Imagine seeing your photos spread across a 20x13 or 10x26" spread for the first time - it's quite a site! Although we offer many stylish cover options, these two books both feature the "Crystal Glance" cover, where the cover photo is printed right into an acrylic cover. Very beautiful indeed! Click the images for larger versions. If you're planning a wedding, I recommend one of these beautiful keepsake albums. These photos may give you a glimps of the quality, but nothing beats an up close and personal viewing. Please contact me to set up a consultation.

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